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Buying a house can be a very daunting Process. 

A house is made up of thousands of different components making up hundreds of different systems. As a home buyer, it is important to understand the condition of all these components, so you can make an Inform decision. Our inspectors take their time to go through all their findings with you and answer all your questions. We then provide an easy-to-read, Color coded report with all our findings.

 Our home inspections include


Even though the foundation is not always accessible, our home inspectors are trained to look for hints around the house, such as large cracks and doors that are not aligned, to find such issues.

On houses with raised foundations, our policy is if we can fit in the crawl space, we will go, deemed it is safe to do so.


Every one of our home inspectors is well-trained in the home's electrical system. We inspect all panels, accessible outlets, and visible wiring.


We test and inspect all the fixtures and check the visible piping for any potential issues.


We test the HVAC system at every vent and make sure it cools and heats. we also inspect the heater and compressor for signs of age and improper installation.


We inspect the roof and attic for leaks and damage. When deemed safe and feasible we walk on the roof to get a better look. when walking on the roof is not an option, we come prepared with a 24-foot camera pole to photograph your roof.

We provide a detailed online interactive photo Home inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection.

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