What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a limited and non-invasive visual inspection of a property to inform the buyer of the condition of the house.

Who should get a home inspection?

Most home inspections are done for home buyers wanting to know the condition of the house to make an informed decision.

Other uses for our services include post-construction inspections, making maintenance schedules, and getting an idea of what you can fix before putting a house on the market.

I am buying a new construction house, should I get an inspection?

Yes, we see so many new houses that have issues such as missing waterproofing, improper installation of items, and missing components that can cause huge amounts of damage. so much of this can be caught in a simple home inspection before major damage is done.

Can you tell me how much the house is worth?

We are home inspectors, not appraisers. While we are often confused with them, our roles are both different. Home inspectors are function and safety inspectors, and don't take into account the value of the property, on the other hand, an appraiser primarily cares about the property value, not the components that make up the house.

Do you inspect the attic and crawl space of the house?


Our policy is if we can fit we will go. Although there are some cases where the inspector will use his discretion if he does not deem it safe, or if entering can cause property damage.

If there is an attic or crawl space that for whatever reason we could not enter, we will let you know why we couldn't go.